Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sep 2012 - Polytunnel suffering from neglect

September 2012 - the polytunnel  was suffering from some neglect...
I think the pictures speak for themselves much progress since then.







Mar 2013 - Remainder of the Garden / An chuid eile den gairdín

Pictures of the rest of the garden / An chuid eile de na pictiúir den gairdín

The rockery (creig-ghairdín) area showing signs of life on Mon 11 March - a cold morning when the skies made a feeble attempt at snowing.

Close up of some crocuses in the rockery (creig-ghairdín)

"Leaba Sonny", to the rear of the hall, named after the owner of the land on which the gaelscoil now stands. The green item to the left is a compost bin. 


The compost bin is fed left over fruit, fruit skins, tea-bags, etc., and will eventually produce brown, crumbly, soil-enriching compost for use in the garden.




A container with frog spawn outside the polytunnel door.


The dreary boundary wall separating the Gaelscoil and the adjacent Government Buildings.  

The plan is to paint the wall, add a trellis or guide wires to the timberwork and train creeping plants on this - Wisteria ?, Clematis ?, etc. 

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mar 2013 - Wheel beds / Leaba na Gréine

Some photos of Leaba na Gréine, comments to follow

1 - Rang 2

2 - Rang 4
Rhubarb planted earlier has been hit by frost, hopefully this will recover
3 - Rang 1

4 - Rang 6

5 - Rang 5

6 Rang 3

7 - N1

8 - N2


Mar 2013 - Polytunnel / an Pollathullán

March photos of the garden - comments to follow

 Leaba 1 - Rang 3

Leaba 2

Leaba 3

Leaba 4

Leaba 5

Leaba 6


Friday, 8 March 2013

Gardening as Gaeilge

Some gardening words, phrases and plant names as Gaeilge - sorted alphetically (English)

Lus na chromchinn 
An gháirdín
an Pollathullán
Produce of the earth
Torthaí na talaún
Sally arch
Áirse Saileach
Sally hedge
Claí Saileach
Strawberry plant(s)
Planda(í) talún

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Feb 2013 - Polytunnel / an Pollathullán

Below are some pictures of the polytunnel beds taken towards the end of Feb 2013 - some have had quiet an amount of attention and others are waiting to start

The first photo is of the bed inside the door of the polytunnel to the right and the order of the rest of the photos follows around the polytunnel in an anti-clockwise direction.

 Leaba 1 - Rang 3
Polytunnel raised bed 1, Rang 3
The bed is planted with tulips, and daffodils.  The contents of the seed trays are listed below, each tray contains seeds planted by two students.  With a little luck the students will be able to bring home their produce before the summer holidays.  They have already brought home some strawberry plants.  The Rang 3 outside bed will be planted with some of the same plants, this will allow students to compare and contrast the results of outdoor and indoor growing conditions .
  1. Carrots
  2. Spring onions
  3. Coriander
  4. Lettuce
  5. Basil
  6. Parsley
  7. Cucumber

Leaba 2
Polytunnel bed 2,
Herbs in the upper level pipe- 
  1. Tulips (4 types)
  2. Daffodils ( 3 types)
  3. Bluebells
  4. Crocus
  5. Hyacinths
  6. Anemone
  7. A spring bulb mix
In the background, outside the polytunnel is the 2013 compost area under construction.
Polytunnel bed 3 - L to R Pansies planted by Rang ??, carrott seeds planted by Rang 4, flower bulbs (?? planted by Rang ??)
Polytunnel bed 4 - weeded and ready for planting in the 2013 growing season

Polytunnel bed 5, some of last years daffodils emerging in pots, the remainder of the bed is in need of weeding and a general cleanup

Polytunnel bed 6 weeded and ready for 2013 planting - what looks like oninons on the right of the bed


Monday, 4 March 2013

Feb 2013 the work begins

Below are some photos of the state of the outdoor garden beds in Feb 2013, with a brief description of what's planted in each bed.  This post will be updated when information about exactly what's planted where is available.

Leaba na Gréine
Each class is assigned a sector of the potager bed, christened Leaba na Gréine as the layout resembles the Sun

Diagram of "Leaba na Gréine", the potager/Kitchen Garden wheel - by rang/class
<Need to  insert picture of garden bed for Rang 2 here>
Rang 4 bed at start of Feb 2013

Rang 4 bed cleared of weeds by pupils and ready for planting Feb 2013

Rang 4 bed planted with fennel at rear, chives to the front of this, in the pots are some bulbs reclaimed during the cleanup of the bed and to the front 2 X rhubarb

Rang 1 - bed weeded and cleaned up, 3 x Rose plants visible at present


Rang 6 - no work yet in 2013 / gan aon obair fós 2013 - some old strawberry plants are there
Rang 5 - no work yet in 2013 / gan aon obair fós 2013 - some strawberry plants to the front

Rang 3 - Snowdrops planted Jan and the bed prepared...
  • January – bed weeded and prepared for planting, snowdrops planted, compost and horse manure added in January
  • February – tupils and assorted bedding plants planted
  • Next steps – herb plants (when ready) will be planted and eventually brought home by each child for culinary delights

N1 - Naíonáin Bheaga - gan aon obair fós 2013 / no work yet 2013 - some strawberry plants to the front

N2 - Naíonáin Mhóra - gan aon obair fós 2013 / no work yet 2013  - Daffodils emerging


Sunday, 3 March 2013

In the beginning...

Dia dhuit agus fáilte go dtí an blog !
Hello and welcome to the blog !

Over the coming months we hope to record the progress of Gaelscoil Aonach Urmhumhan's student garden area in both words and pictures. 

The aim is to record the tasks carried out by students such as ground preparation, planting of seeds and plants as well as maintenance and improvements made by both students and volunteers

Of course not all the current team of volunteers can lay claim to starting the garden project.  Click here and here to see the birth of the garden in progress on the school's main website.